Feel My Skin Company began in Omaha, Nebraska in 2001. Dr. Linda Smith, founder and CEO of Feel My Skin Company is a Public Health Practitioner and has been a registered nurse for over 28 years. Her passion is in empowering, educating, and helping individuals realize and embrace their uniqueness of their beauty, to realize beauty starts on the inside out. On a given day, she can be found handcrafting select skin and hair formulations, while enjoying every minute of it! 

With over 19 years of experience in skin care coupled with her medical background, Dr. Smith has mastered the art of skin and hair care, as she passionately shares with the Feel My Skin Company customers, the importance of taking care of their skin, the largest organ of the body.Mission Statement: Feel My Skin Company will be here for you, to offer luxurious quality formulations and exceptional customer service, while promoting healthier lifestyles through education to achieve optimal results!“We’re with you every step of the way, on your skin health”. 

- Dr. Linda Smith